Meet the 2022 Rose Pak Memorial Scholars.

After carefully considering the Rose Pak Community Fund scholarship committee, we awarded six outstanding API college students with the 2021 Rose Pak Memorial Scholarship. These students not only demonstrated outstanding academic and leadership qualities, but also the willingness to give back to the community in the future with their education. Each scholarship recipient was awarded a one-time scholarship toward school tuition to lessen the financial burden of their studies. More information about the Rose Pak Memorial Scholarship can be found here.


Allison Chan

Columbia University

A recent high school graduate, Allison Chan has a passion to support to underrepresented communities through innovation and advocacy. She will be attending Columbia University in the fall, where she plans to pursue a degree in Economics with concentrations in Social Policy, Public Health, and Business Management. Her goal is to design nonprofit systems that will alleviate prevalent issues affecting the Asian community.


Amanda Chan

Princeton University

Amanda Chan is a first-generation college student pursuing degrees in Economics and Entrepreneurship at Princeton University. She has overcome many hardships through her diligence and sense of self. These experiences have shaped her into a leader and strong proponent for social justice equity. She plans to create her own non-profit organization to serve marginalized groups with equal and affordable health services.


Lina Mai

U.C. Riverside

Lina Mai will attend U.C. Riverside in the fall, to major in Chemistry. Together with nine other volunteers, Lina launched the Chinatown STEM program to educate elementary students on various science concepts and principles. As an active community member and student leader, Lina also serves as a tour guide of the Chinatown Alleyway Tours, and advocates for pedestrian safety under the Vision Zero program.


Liye Lilly Lu

U.C. San Diego

Liye Lilly Lu is a proud San Franciscan and recent graduate of Lowell High School. Because academics have played such an important role in her life, Liye provided online tutoring to children living in single room occupancy in San Francisco’s Chinatown as a way to give back. She has ambitions to bring more equity of opportunity to lower-income families in San Francisco. She will be attending U.C. San Diego this fall.


Xinying Ren

Academy of Art University

Xinying Ren is currently studying at the Academy of Art University in San Francisco. Having grown up in China, Xinying seeks to impact the world by bringing her unique approach of East meets West. As an artist with developed drawing skills, Xinying has a vision to combine Asian and western painting techniques and color theory. She focuses on everyday objects and life experiences.


Juliana Zeng

U.C. Berkeley

Juliana Zeng will attend U.C. Berkeley this fall where she plans to major in Legal Studies with a minor in East Asian Studies. As a language enthusiast with a personal journey to become a global citizen, Juliana hopes to use her language skills as the foundation to better understand how our society is divided by communication barriers. In this way, she will work to bridge understanding between different cultures.