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Meet the 2022 Rose Pak Memorial Scholars.

After carefully considering the Rose Pak Community Fund scholarship committee, we awarded thirteen outstanding API college students the 2022 Rose Pak Memorial Scholarship. These students demonstrated not only outstanding academic and leadership qualities but also the willingness to give back to the community in the future with their education. Each scholarship recipient was awarded a one-time scholarship toward school tuition to lessen the financial burden of their studies.

Mahammad Abdullah.jpg

Muhammad Abdullah

San Francisco, CA

Muhammad was born in Pakistan, where he saw people suffer firsthand. This affected him greatly and set him on a path to help people. Currently, Muhammad is a student at U.C. Berkeley majoring in public health. He intends to pursue a career in the medical field.

Cheyanne Chow.jpg

Cheyanne Chow

San Francisco, CA

Cheyanne is a graduating senior attending Galileo H.S. in San Francisco. In the fall, she will
matriculate at U.C. Berkeley, to study data science to better understand her community, and
assist in alleviating the struggles faced by low-income families.

Carla Dagandan.jpg

Carla Dagandan

San Francisco, CA

Carla is a first-generation Filipina attending U.C. Berkeley. Through her current major in
Engineering, she hopes to inspire others to pursue a degree in STEM majors. Carla is proud
to have overcome hardships and to have brought greater representation in the military.

Kylee Hu.jpg

Kylee Hu

El Sobrante, CA

Kylee is an in-bound U.C. San Diego student who plans on studying Biochemistry. She developed a passion for serving her community through leadership opportunities in school clubs and the Asian Pacific Environmental Network. She hopes to advocate for preventative healthcare.

Kelly Ko.jpg

Kelly Ko

El Cerrito, CA

Kelly is a freshman at U.C. Berkeley majoring in Business. She has a particular ambition to protect the environment using anthropogenic-based research to address population-based activities. Kelly plans to continue her research on sustainable practices.

Cherry Li.jpg

Cherry Li

San Francisco, CA

Cherry was born and raised in Hong Kong. She immigrated to the United States as a child and worked with the Chinatown CDC to help low-income families and seniors. She is a
a first-generation college student at U.C. Santa-Cruz, where she studies computer science.

Joyce Li.jpg

Joyce Li

San Francisco, CA

Joyce is a recent graduate of Abraham Lincoln High School in San Francisco. This fall, she will attend U.C. Davis, in order to major in Neurobiology, Physiology and Behavior. Joyce has a long-term goal of becoming a nurse so that she may use her skills in a hospital to care for Cantonese speakers.

Veronica Liu.jpg

Veronica Liu

Oakland, CA

Veronica hails from Oakland and credits her upbringing for instilling an appreciation of uplifting diverse communities. Veronica is a double major in Urban Studies and Education at U.C. San Diego. She hopes to pursue a career that will expand economic opportunities for immigrant communities.

Fiona Tan.jpg

Fiona Tan

San Fancisco, CA

Fiona is a passionate advocate for racial justice and socioeconomic equity. Through leadership roles, Fiona has pushed political policies to uplift underrepresented voices. She plans to continue her advocacy at Harvard University this fall.

Jasmine Ma.jpg

Jasmine Ma

U.C. Berkeley

Jasmine is a first-generation college student from the Bay Area. She currently attends U.C. Berkeley and plans to major in public health with a minor in data science. For her career, Jasmine hopes to work in the healthcare industry and focus on the issues relating to holistic mental health.

Cherry Wu.jpg

Cherry Wu

Brisbane, CA

Cherry came to Brisbane, California, at the age of six. Her experience moving from Guangzhou, China, left a lasting imprint that guides her to create spaces of inclusion. Cherry is pursuing a degree in Integrative Biology at U.C. Berkeley.

Janet Yu.jpg

Janet Yu

Hayward, CA

Janet is an incoming freshman at UCLA, majoring in Data Theory and minoring in Public Health. She graduated from Mt. Eden High School. She has a special love for math and social activism, with a will to work on statistical aspects in healthcare.

Serena Zhang.jpg

Serena Zhang

San Francisco, CA

Serena was born and raised in San Francisco. She attended George Washington High School and is currently a freshman at U.C. Berkeley. She intends to major in public health and is on her path to becoming a physician assistant.

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