Meet the 2019 Rose Pak Memorial Scholars.

After careful consideration by the Rose Pak Community Fund scholarship committee, we awarded six outstanding API college students to the 2019 Rose Pak Memorial Scholarship. These students not only demonstrated outstanding academic and leadership qualities, but also the willingness to give back to the community in the future with their education. Each scholarship recipient was awarded a one time scholarship towards school tuition to lessen the financial burden with their studies. More information about the Rose Pak Memorial Scholarship can be found here.

Chuying Huang

UC Berkeley

Chuying was born in China and her family immigrated to the U.S. only four years ago. After graduating from Mission High School, she currently attends UC Berkeley as a Computer Science major. She volunteered at Golden Gate National Parks Conservancy and the San Francisco Food Bank, and she currently teaches seniors to use their smartphones at the Community Youth Center. 

Audrey Yingwei Xu

Stanford University

Audrey’s family immigrated to the U.S. six years ago. A Balboa High School graduate, this fall, she will attend Stanford University. She was Vice President of Student Government, President of the Chinese Club, and the founder of the Literacy For All Club. She has also
volunteered with the Outward Bound California Leadership Corps Program, and U.S. Dept. of Veterans Affairs Medical Center.

Monica Lui

UC Davis

Monica was born and raised in San Francisco. She is an incoming freshman at UC Davis majoring in Neuro-biology, Physiology and Behavior, and she is considering minoring in Psychology. Monica volunteered and interned as a teaching assistant at Aim High School and interned as a youth leader for the Youth Empowerment Fund. She aspires to become a medical doctor to help, and teach others.

Zhiying Phoebe Chen

UC Berkeley

Zhiying was born in China, and her family immigrated to the U.S. only two years ago. She is currently attending UC Berkeley studying Civil Engineering. She also loves to travel. She dreams of seeing the Aurora Borealis someday, in Northern Europe or Alaska. She was the President of Youth for Community Engagement, a group that is involved in beach cleanup and caring for the elderly.

Ryland Tom

University of Southern California

Ryland is a first-generation Chinese American, who was raised in San Francisco. He first attended CCSF, and now attends the University of Southern California majoring in Philosophy, Politics and Law. Ryland interned at Coro Northern California and created a community action project on homelessness in San Francisco District 7 with the Asian Pacific Islander American Public Affairs.

Annie Chen

UC San Diego

Annie was born in China, but grew up in SF. She is currently entering her senior year at UC San Diego where she is majoring in Human Biology, with a minor in Psychology. She is heavily involved in campus programs supporting the first generation immigrant community and API students, and hopes to continue working with these communities as a medical doctor in the future.


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