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We introduce the Rose Pak Archive, a program of the Rose Pak Community Fund.  The Archive chronicles the life of Rose Pak--from her roots in Hong Kong to her life as a political leader in San Francisco.

The Archive also sponsors programs and dedicates resources to recount the long history of activism within the Asian Pacific Islander community of greater Bay Area.

RPCF of APF supports community-based projects and programs in a number of different areas--from beautification projects to infrastructure programs.  Our organization was founded to promote issues that affect San Francisco's API community.

We accept solicitations and proposals from groups by invitation only.

The Rose Pak Memorial Scholarship recognize the leaders of tomorrow.  By providing financial support in the form of grants, the scholarships support our community's next generation with assistance in their educational pursuits.

All recipients are Asian Pacific Islanders that come from low-income families.  They must have demonstrated leadership potential to commit to a career in public service.


Rose Pak was a community leader and political force

who worked in San Francisco's Chinatown for over 45 years. Born in Henan, China,

Rose first came to San Francisco in 1964 to attend San Francisco Women's College

(fka Lone Mountain College, and later, the University of San Francisco). 


After receiving her Master's in journalism from Columbia University's School of Journalism, Ms. Pak became the first Asian American woman to be hired as a reporter for the

San Francisco Chronicle.  Then, beginning in 1982, Rose Pak began her lifelong work as a consultant to the Chinese Chamber of Commerce, a position from which she would further stamp her mark on Chinatown.  Ms. Pak was also as a prominent board member and prodigious fundraiser who helped to save San Francisco's famed Chinese Hospital.

The Rose Pak Community Fund was established in 2017 to advance

the causes that Rose Pak championed throughout her life: affordable housing, the preservation of Chinatown, access to quality healthcare, support for merchants and small businesses, and the improvement of our schools. 


RPCF also administers the Rose Pak Memorial Scholarship,

merit-based awards to students who commit themselves to a career of public service, and maintains a archive related to Rose Pak's life and API social activism in San Francisco and throughout the greater Bay Area.


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