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The Rose Pak Community Fund was founded in 2017 to help improve the quality of life for
San Francisco's API community.  The work of our organization falls into three main categories:  1) the sponsorship of grants to organizations, programs and projects that promote the social welfare; 2) an archive of the life of Rose Pak and the history of activism in San Francisco's Chinatown and the API organizing throughout the greater Bay Area, and  3) a set of scholarship awards that support young leaders who plan to pursue careers to benefit the public interest.  


The Rose Pak Memorial Scholarship is a program of RPCF.  It seeks to promote young API leaders who come from lower-income families, and have demonstrated leadership in their respective communities.  Recipients must being planning for a career in public service.


As part of its mission, our organization is committed to developing and maintaining an archive of Rose's life, from childhood through adulthood.  In addition, we are growing a collection of photos and memorabilia that salute the long history API activism within the Bay Area.


Rose Pak Community Fund commits itself to advancing the causes that Rose Pak championed—affordable housing, the preservation of Chinatown, access to quality healthcare, support for small businesses, and the improvement of our schools.

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