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2023 Rose Pak Memorial Scholars

After carefully considering the Rose Pak Community Fund scholarship committee, we awarded thirteen outstanding API college students the 2023 Rose Pak Memorial Scholarship. These students demonstrated not only outstanding academic and leadership qualities but also the willingness to give back to the community in the future with their education. Each scholarship recipient was awarded a one-time scholarship toward school tuition to lessen the financial burden of their studies.

Linen Feng.jpg

Linen Feng (馮琳恩)

San Francisco, CA

Linen, a recent Lowell High School graduate, is studying Economics and Accounting at UC  Santa Barbara. Linen was raised in a single-parent household and has demonstrated a love for her community. During high school, Linen was the Vice President of the YSRO, a youth-led program that serves local single-room occupancy residents.

Qien Feng.jpg

Qien Feng (馮琪恩)

San Francisco, CA

Qien is majoring in Biology, with a minor in Art and Technology, or Linguistics in Chinese/Spanish at UC Santa Barbara. Qien hopes to succeed by using her language and artistic abilities to make an impact in the STEM fields, create opportunities, and develop resources for youth facing challenges succeeding in STEM.

Grace Ou.jpg

Grace Ou (歐紀彤)

San Francisco, CA

Grace is a recent graduate of Galileo Academy in San Francisco. She is the daughter of two Chinese immigrants. She is attending UCLA studying Political Science. With her education, she aspires to become an attorney who specializes in immigration work. Her goal is to serve the Asian community by advocating for the advancement of its legal and political rights. 

Un Ieng Sit.jpg

Un Leng Sit (薛婉瑩) 

San Francisco, CA

Un Leng was born in China and immigrated to the United States at the age of 10. She is a sophomore at UC Berkeley majoring in Computer Science. Outside of school, Un Leng works to create positive impacts in her community through her volunteering projects. After graduation, she hopes to work at a non-profit organization where she can use her skills and passion for the betterment of the community.

Luke Yoda.jpg

Luke Yoda

San Francisco, CA

Luke is a San Francisco native and first-generation college student pursuing a Business Administration and Communications degree at San Francisco State. Luke has experienced much in his life and feels particularly close to those experiencing difficulties. He has come to understand that an obstacle is not there to stop us but exists to help shape our lives. As a youth who built a network of friends in the immigrant Chinatown community, Luke plans to pursue a Master’s in Social Work to one day counsel high school students from  disadvantaged backgrounds.

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